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SensoryCo. atmospherics technologies, including scenting systems, for immersive entertainment, audio visual integrated 4D, experiential marketing, and simulation & training environments.


SmX-M Series
Scent Generator

The SmX-M is a breakthrough in scenting systems ideally suited for simulators, kiosks, small experiential spaces and other close-proximity scent interactions. The system is compact and includes an internal air source providing for simple integration.

SmX1 Series
Scent Generator

The SmX1 is a scenting system developed for the rigors of immersive training, production and entertainment environments. Integrated in a durable flight case this powerful and flexible unit delivers aroma into enclosed spaces 0 to 2,500 sq ft / 0 to 230 sq m.

SmXT1 Series
Scent Generator

The SmXT1 is the newest in a line of scent generators developed for immersive production, entertainment and training environments. Integrated in a nondescript durable aluminum case this powerful and flexible unit delivers scents to indoor or outdoor spaces.

SmX-M Series
Scent Generator

The SmX-4DS/T system is designed for targeted applications where participants are up close to the effect. In contrast to ambient delivery, this system can time and release scent for precise delivery, up close, using compressed air. Whether for in-seat applications, within simulators, at point of sale promotions, museum exhibits or integrated to experiential props, the SmX-4DS/T system provides an easy integration.

Smoke Generator

The SMOX12 incorporates a continuously rated high-pressure pump drive system to drive the Smoke Fluid stored in the internal reservoir through its precision machined, heat exchanger block. There the Smoke Fluid is vaporized and the vapor condenses on reaching atmosphere to form a dense, controllable and non-toxic smoke. This smoke generator is absolutely the choice in water-based smoke systems with longer hang times, more efficient use of smoke fluid, standard interfacing, greater reliability and built for the rigors of live and simulated training environments.

Spritzer Effects
Spraymotion Macro

The Spraymotion Macro systems allow you to sequence water effects (i.e. mists, sprays, spritzers) to a motion timeline, adding movement with individually activated spray ports, or providing an array of coordinated spray ports. Perfect for spray or spritzer effects that are delivered in a “macro” environment where effects come from overhead or in front of participants, motion is sequenced and managed through simple integration to outside controls.


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